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ENT In this issue...Landmark Papers that Defined ENT and Audiology

In 2018, I compiled a book with the title Landmark Papers in Otolaryngology. The book was inspired by the ENT department journal club that regularly took place in a local Norwich pub, and it discusses 99 of the most cited papers in the ENT and audiology literature.

Medical-Legal Evaluation of Hearing Loss

Robert Dobie is a highly experienced and respected international authority in the field of medical-legal assessment in the context of noise induced hearing loss. This book has been written for a broad audience, including otolaryngologists, audiologists and members of the...

The modern management of Ménière's disease

In this article, John Phillips considers the evolution of management options for Ménière’s disease. Treatment options past and present are discussed, together with an insight into future developments regarding the role of intratympanic steroids. Ménière's disease can be the source...