Bailey Instruments

Bailey Instruments

Bailey Instruments is a UK-based manufacturer of instruments and devices, both single use and reusable.

We have supplied the UK NHS and over 30 countries and for over 30 years with our patented innovation in diagnostics, podiatry ENT and Plastics and General Surgery.

Through our main brands which are Bailey for reusable and susol® for single use our mission is to work with clinicians to improve device design and function in line with new techniques and technology.

Our strategy is to improve patient safety and decontamination standards from the simplest instruments to a precision and technical device.

As our susol® portfolio expands we are looking for distribution in Europe, USA, Middle East and other markets.



Established in 1966 CCMed Ltd has a long tradition in providing the NHS, Private sector and MoD with quality medical devices.

As a family-owned distributor specialising in ENT, our portfolio has grown in recent years. CCMed are the proud UK partner of several leading manufacturers, most recently this has included: Cook Medical (OHNS), Kurz Med GmbH and Marpac Inc.

Working closely with these great companies we support customers with their specialist devices including:

  • Cook’s implantable doppler, for continuously monitoring blood flow in vessels following reconstructive microvascular procedures.
  • Kurz® middle ear implants, setting the standards in Ossiculoplasty
  • Cook’s Biodesign® Otologic Repair Grafts, the latest addition to the Biodesign® range.
  • Kurz® Breathe Implant for nasal valve collapse.
  • Cook’s minimally invasive Sialendoscopy range.
  • Marpac’s Tracheostomy and Endotracheal securement devices.

Guy Pymble, CCMed Ltd
T: +44 (0)1264 332172

G.R.A.S. Sound & Vibration

G.R.A.S. Sound & Vibration

GRAS manufactures ear simulators and couplers in accordance with IEC standards, based on a modular and upgradable platform.

The change in shape, performance and capabilities within hearing aids is evident, and manufacturers are con¬stantly pushing the limits of size and design. However, all hearing aids have to be comparable in terms of performance. For that purpose, GRAS is at the forefront of standardization work and has grown into a global manufacturer of artificial ears for verification and calibration of audiometers and headphones. GRAS’ portfolio of artificial ears is compatible with most Class 1 sound level meters, making them the natural choice for a portable solution.

Many researchers in the audiology industry have already seen the benefits of being able to switch between standardized test setups and have chosen GRAS as their preferred partner.

GRAS Sound & Vibration

Puma Soundproofing

Puma Soundproofing

With 50 years of experience Puma Soundproofing is one of the leading companies manufacturing certified audiology booths. 

Currently the company is the Italian leader in this industry and is expanding through a worldwide network of dealers in 60 countries.

Beyond audiology booths Puma provides consultancy and bespoke projects carried out by its acoustics experts and offers the highest standards and best quality in terms of design and materials.

What makes this company different is our immediate response and flexibility in supplying a very wide range of highly customisable products.

Puma is now looking for new collaborations, especially in key European countries like France, Germany, Spain and the UK.

For further information contact: Alice Cannata, International Sales Manager



RESONANCE® conceives turnkey solutions for hearing assessment aiming at providing innovative, effective, and quality devices for audiology, offering a complete range of solutions: audiometers, middle ear analyzers, and combined devices; from the innovative, touch screen, portable screening units to the traditional clinical, stand-alone devices of proven reliability.

RESONANCE® boasts more than 30 years of experience in the audiology business, initially as manufacturer of Amplaid devices, now as independent manufacturer recognized for test quality and reliability by ENT professionals worldwide.

Today RESONANCE® can grant on a product line completely designed, developed, and manufactured in Italy, and offers to distributors a market-oriented competitive commercial policy: high technology products with an outstanding quality-price ratio.

At RESONANCE® we’re always looking for partners who truly share our enthusiasm and dynamism, are you interested?

Searching for Distributors in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

T: +39 035 712091

Romet Electronic Larnyx

Romet Electronic Larnyx

Romet Electronic Larynx is the oldest family-owned and operated supplier of electronic larynx devices in the world. After continuing to provide laryngectomised patients with the gift of speech for 42 years, production has recently moved and expanded to San Antonio, Texas, USA.

A total of five electronic larynx models are available, each designed to meet the individual requirements of the patient to regain speech after surgery. Electronic larynx devices are critically important for patients who do not medically qualify for a transesophageal puncture (TEP), needing an electronic larynx to speak or even use with a TEP as a backup. Additionally, a full line of accessory items to assist the patient in the protection of their stoma to maintain stoma health is available.

Over the past 42 years, Romet has sold their products to over 30 countries with no recalls due to defective devices for any reason.

Enquiries for new distribution rights in unserved or underserved countries are welcomed.

Romet Electronic Larynx

Soluvos Medical

Soluvos Medical

Soluvos Medical is a distributor specialised in high quality products for airway management, OR- and office-based treatments in the field of ear, nose, and throat (ENT). Its focus is on innovative ENT treatments to reduce pain and recovery time for the patient and improve quality of life.

Soluvos Medical is a privately-owned company based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands with extensive knowledge and expertise in the medical field of ENT. It was founded by Rose Henrichs and Jeroen Doomernik in 2015. We distribute the following products:

  • A.R.C. surgical laser product line, TruBlue laser for laryngology, otology and rhinology, Diode lasers and CO2 laser - see A.R.C. laser product listings
  • Renú® Voice injectable implant in UK, Ireland, North and West Europe - see vocal fold augmentation listing.
  • Montgomery® Thyroplasty Implants in the BeNeLux.
  • Restech® in the Netherlands.
  • Boston Medical Products in the BeNeLux.
  • bess Medizintechnik in the Netherlands.
  • and interesting products in the pipeline

Soluvos Medical B.V.
T: +31 4 0304 1717 (UK: 0845 528 0071)

Hearing Aid Sweat Band

Hearing Aid Sweat Band

Distributor needed for the Hearing Aid Sweat Band

We are in our third decade of manufacturing this unique accessory for behind the ear devices. This unique product defends against degradation and shorting due to moisture from perspiration, rain, snow and reduces feedback from wind. It also protects the intricate inner electronics from corrosion thus reducing cleaning visits and repairs. Made of a specially designed natural fabric that is sound transparent, yet is effective as a moisture blocker. It fits nicely and snugly around the hearing aid, subtle and soft on the skin.

We are well represented in the US via our distributor partners and are looking to expand outside the US. If you are a distributor that sells typical accessories and support products to hearing aid dispensers/dealers and audiologists and would like to know more about this product, please email the contact below.