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Rinze Tange and I were co-authors for the otosclerosis chapters of both the seventh and eighth editions of Scott-Brown’s Otorhinolaryngology which he references in his book. It was particularly exciting therefore to receive this beautiful 363-page treatise on all that is otosclerosis.

The presentation of this hard-backed book is excellent and will look impressive on your bookshelf or consulting desk. It pulls together the huge volume of literature that has been produced on the subject into a single volume from the early exploration of ear disease from Giovanni Ingrassia’s description of the stapes in the 16th century, up to current practice. For otologic innovators currently struggling to establish their developments in otology, the battles of the early pioneers of stapes surgery and ultimate vindication by the early giants of these operations such as John Shea and Howard House, will give inspiration.

This book will appeal enormously to those fascinated by, and wishing to learn from, the history of otology. There is liberal use of photographs of current and historic ear surgeons and scientists, and exceptional reference lists showing the meticulous approach taken in preparing this book. If you are writing a paper on otosclerosis it may prove invaluable.

In the chapters on current management there are some very helpful sections on rare difficulties, such as persistent stapedial artery, stapes gusher, perilymph fistula, and reparative granuloma. There is a brief description of endoscopic stapes surgery and a section on current stapes practice.

It is the historical context and huge reference lists that are this volume’s great strengths and for enthusiasts of otologic history, this therefore rates a 5/5.

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Peter A Rea (Prof)

University Hospitals of Leicester; Honorary Professor of Balance Medicine, De Montfort University.

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