This textbook couldn’t have arrived with better timing. As an ENT trainee soon to sit the FRCS(ORL-HNS) with an interest in facial plastics, I can comfortably say this is incredibly useful to have in the library. The book should suit most levels from medical student to consultant surgeon. It continues to follow a Thieme layout familiar with those that have purchased dissection manuals from the same publisher, so content is easy to find and thumb through if you’re looking to skim read.

The book is comprehensive to say the least, proverbially putting meat onto bones as the chapters progress; moving from the cranio-facial skeleton, to vasculature, musculature, and finally skin and sensory organs. Anatomy makes for dry reading at the best of times so it is of no surprise this book comes heavily illustrated with schematic diagrams, radiology, cadaveric dissections, and the occasional intraoperative photograph. Illustrations are annotated clearly albeit with abbreviations aplenty. Important named structures often have their own sub-section and illustrations too, facilitating focused exam revision when considering facial skin flaps, reconstruction, or regional anaesthesia. There are links to online videos which should work on most computers although experience tells me an NHS computer will invariably struggle.

This book doesn’t limit itself to anatomy. It is neatly punctuated with surgical considerations and tabulated anatomical study results to highlight the salient points in amongst the minutiae of the areas being discussed. Admittedly, the surgical considerations appear to be something of an afterthought in a few places but this is primarily intended as an anatomical text rather than a truly surgical text. It is not by any means crafted as an operative manual or a clinical text, but some authors’ experiences are evident in the accompanying text which is a refreshing addition and a step towards making this more than just an anatomy textbook.

In summary, this book makes for a great one-stop reference textbook and should function as a fantastic revision aid for those about to sit their FRCS exams.

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Miran Pankhania

MB, ChB, MRCS (Eng), DO-HNS, North Trent Deanery, UK.

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