This surgical textbook has a target audience of otolaryngology consultants carrying out basic and advanced rhinological procedures. It is also suited to otolaryngology trainees and fellows. Although it would provide a useful reference text for otolaryngology consultants I found it would be most useful for otolaryngology trainees and in particular rhinology fellows.

As the title suggests it provides a step by step guide for a comprehensive range of rhinological and skull base procedures. It does this very well by way of helpful illustrations, high quality endoscopic photographs and relevant radiological images. It is a very practical guide, detailing the indications for the procedures, practical equipment required and the potential pitfalls that may be encountered based on the experience of the authors.

The description of procedures and surgical approaches are in a very clear and logical sequence which provides a much better understanding overall. All relevant basic rhinology procedures are described in detail along with more advanced frontal sinus approaches and endoscopic craniofacial resections. There is recent evidence quoted to support the medical and surgical management pathways recommended in the text.

This is a well written and structured text book practical surgical textbook. The organisation of the chapters ensures it can be used as a quick reference guide. It is in a format which is easy to read with anatomical description given first, followed by indication for the procedure and then a step by step guide to the procedure itself. The illustrations and endoscopic images demonstrate the techniques clearly and complement the text well. This textbook retails at US$205 (£122) which is a reasonable price given the quality of the illustrations, content and overall layout of this textbook.

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Kerrie McAllister

Auckland City Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand.

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