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Kramer and Brown have done it again with their fourth edition of Audiology: Science to Practice. This textbook provides a comprehensive introduction to audiology with both clinical and practical information. This book is mainly aimed at those who are studying audiology, newly qualified audiologists and professionals that are linked with audiology.

The authors have skilfully formulated this book with a natural flow using language that is easy to follow and understand. Each chapter starts with key learning objectives and ends with a brief synopsis to ensure the reader has fully grasped the information. The addition of key words highlighted in blue and the inclusion of a glossary ensures the reader can comprehend what is being delivered.

This book naturally educates the reader by using easy-to-understand graphs, tables, diagrams, and analogies which are a welcomed improvement from their previous editions. Other improvements are the use of clearer illustrations as well as a change in structure, and updated information and references. The addition of two new chapters add to an enhanced audiological knowledge framework. The book is divided into four parts, with parts three and four being the most important for clinical audiology.

The authors write from an American perspective and the entirety of part one is focused solely on audiology within USA. As a UK-based Audiologist, I felt this was not really required and the relevance of the information may be lost on other internationally based clinicians.

This book gives a great insight to develop an understanding of audiology and provides key aspects for knowledge in an easy-to-understand manner. I am happy to recommend this book to students and other educators alike.

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Feraz Ahmed

Kings Cross Hospital, Dundee, UK.

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