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Now in its third edition, this textbook provides an extensive amount of up-to-date information on the assessment and management of the vestibular system. Four new editors have been recruited for this edition and all chapters have been reviewed and reorganised to offer improved readability with a flow that makes its condensed 717 pages easier to digest.

The breadth of the information provided suits anyone with an interest in the subject, from students to the practising experts. It can be used both in an academic context or as a reference textbook in the clinic. Various specialties (audiology, physiotherapy, otolaryngology and neurology) can greatly benefit from this textbook.

The supplementary materials to the book, found on the companion website and referenced throughout the text, furnish the reader with very useful and practical video content. This book comprehensively covers all aspects related to dizziness and vertigo assessments and treatments for all patient demographics. Each chapter is organised well and in a way that can be read independently or as a precursor to the next one.

Three new chapters have been added to this edition:

  • An Historical Perspective of the Perception of Vertigo, Dizziness, and Vestibular Medicine: This chapter offers a thought-provoking insight to the topic.
  • Vestibular Balance Therapy for Children: This short chapter provides a physiotherapy program tailored to the paediatric vestibular dysfunction.
  • Challenging Cases: Four complex cases are discussed.

Three new appendices have also been added to the end of the book. Appendix I provides a concise list of different pathologies’ symptoms, signs, classic treatments, prognosis for recovery and suspected lesion site that clinicians are expected to encounter when dealing with dizzy and balance disorder patients. Appendix II is only relevant to the US coding and billing system and Appendix III argues for interprofessional education and practice.

Overall, this textbook is informative, value for money and provides the reader with the necessary tools to become a clinician with above-average knowledge on the management of the dizzy patient.

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Raúl García-Medina

The Audiology Clinic, UK.

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