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This book details what binaural interference is, it looks at the basic principles of this topic and follows the research over the years that has gone into investigating what causes binaural interference. It makes for an interesting read, covering a topic that, within audiology, is a very interesting phenomenon.

It is very easy to follow and read, and it breaks down each study in detai,l looking at the pros and cons while discussing the relevance of each study. It is done in a way that is a precise summary which some may appreciate, however other may wish for more detail and discussion. Given how precise each section is within the book and even the summary, it effectively hits the important discussion points within each chapter.

The content that is covered in this book will benefit clinical audiologists and student audiologists as well as those who may have an interest within this area. The authors cover important concepts; however they also assume a certain level of knowledge so some may find that they need to do extra reading around the subject area.

The book is 124 pages long with 103 of those dedicated to the main text, meaning it can be read very easily and quickly. The font is of a good size also. The RRP of the book is $69.95 which converts to £53.69. At this price, I wouldn’t say it is great value for money for a general reference book. However, if you are interested in the subject area then it may be considered good value for money.

Overall this book is effective in its precise discussion of binaural interference, given the price of the book and topic discussion I would rate this book a 3/5.

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