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This is an excellent reference book in oral medicine which is clearly written by someone who has great experience, knowledge and passion in this field. The book is set out in a clear, concise and systematic manner where each condition is covered under the subheadings of Key points, Introduction, Clinical features, Differential Diagnosis, Pathology and Treatment.

The narrative is easy to read and comprehend. Furthermore, the author has deliberately not delved into too much detail which makes it an excellent reference in everyday clinical practice. One of the key features of this book are the 1003 full colour, high-resolution, close-up photographs which illustrate each condition. The quality of the photographs is truly remarkable. The book also contains a reference section which covers each of the chapters and an appendix on the classification of oral lesions and diseases according to morphology and colour, as well as biopsy considerations.

Color Atlas of Oral Diseases is a valuable source of information for dentists, oral medicine specialists, oral histopathologists, maxillofacial surgeons, otorhinolaryngologists, general practitioners, dermatologists and specialists who deal with systemic diseases. As an ENT and head and neck surgeon, I found this book extremely helpful in my clinical practice and I will certainly recommend it to our hospital library. Given the number of colour photographs, this book is also good value for money.

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Amit Prasai

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, UK.

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