This book brings together 11 key articles over 221 pages on the up-to-date evidence-based management of key paediatric ENT disorders. The contents page has a refreshingly different approach by listing these key articles together with a summary paragraph explaining the objectives of each chapter.

Each article is structured in a journal article format; starting with the key bullet points about the article, followed by the relevant topics to be covered in that topic and ending with a summary and list of references. The sparse use of photos becomes irrelevant due to the well written prose, illustrated with management algorithms and summary tables.

This book is very clear in it’s aims to keep clinicians with an interest in paediatric otolaryngology updated on key advancements in this field; to that end it definitely achieves this. I am confident that it will also engage the interest of those more novice in their practice. A must read for all dealing with children with ENT disorders.

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