This book provides a detailed evidence-based overview of key topics in otolaryngology, including other specialities such as facial plastics and reconstructive surgery, the oral cavity and immunology.

Each chapter begins with a short comprehensive list of key points, and finishes with a list of suggested reading for those who wish to pursue topics in more detail. Each chapter is subdivided with clear subheadings and contains a wide variety of high quality images, tables, clinical photographs and schematic diagrams. This excellent series of otolaryngology volumes provides readers with full access to ‘’, which allows access to online videos, animations, and self-assessment tools.

The editors of this series include some of the most prestigious otolaryngology surgeons in the world, coupled with an international series of authors, giving readers a well balanced approach on each topic. The book is suitable not only for the general otolaryngologist, but extends to senior trainees and consultants with a sub-speciality interest. After reading this series, you will not need any other book!

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Hala Kanona

The Royal National Ear Nose and Throat and Eastman Dental Hospital, University College London Hospitals NHS Trust, UK.

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