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It’s no secret Cummings Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery is amongst the most widely recognised international texts on the subject. This edition does not disappoint, and provides a truly comprehensive evidence-based evaluation of topics in general otolaryngology, facial plastic and reconstruction, rhinology, laryngology, head and neck surgery, (neuro)otology and paediatric otolaryngology.

Many world-renowned ENT surgeons form the lead editor group and, through inviting a broad and international series of authors, each topic is both balanced and complete. This book will provide the main reference source for almost all your otolaryngology reading.

This edition has not only updated the established sections, but has expanded to include 12 additional chapters in key areas – including new sections on paediatric cochlear implantation, eustachian tube surgery, endoscopic ear surgery and the novel developments in chronic rhinosinusitis and allergy. Each chapter summarises the topic in easily digestible and high yield ‘key points’ and contains several excellent explanatory diagrams, illustrations, clinical images and photography. This helps to both break up and inform the detailed text.

A special bonus I have so far enjoyed is the included ‘enhanced ebook’ that allows access to this brilliant resource across multiple electronic devices. Furthermore, the electronic version includes access to a series of surgical videos spanning everything from endoscopic maxillary antrostomy to laryngectomy. It’s user-friendly and accessible – a perfect reference for when on the go.

This is the essential source textbook for otorhinolaryngology, head and neck surgeons and an excellent resource for ENT trainees looking to develop a deeper understanding of their field. The quality, detail and extensiveness of this edition reaffirms it as one of the premier texts on the subject.

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