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I was quite intrigued to receive this book, as the third edition was a book I had read cover to cover whilst a trainee, and was one of my core books. Initially, having a quick glance through, I could immediately see the format was identical to the third edition but with more clinical photos and scans added.

When I read the book in more detail, I was unsurprisingly impressed – the same level of detail is present as the prior edition but with more up-to-date references and scans (the radiology chapter now has over 150 images. These are stock images and therefore very representative of those in the FRCS). I have always liked the fact that each section is organised in the same way – general considerations, pathogenesis, prevention, clinical findings, differential diagnosis and treatment. I find this is easier when looking for a specific answer to a clinical question.

There are four new chapters – Professional Voice, Neurolaryngology, Aural Rehab/Hearing Aids, and Endoscopic Skull Base Surgery. The professional voice is definitely a good start for somebody wanting to learn more about voice and it is written in an easily digestible format. The Aural Rehab/Hearing Aids chapter further strengthens the otology aspect, which has always been excellent for a non-specialist book.

In summary, I feel this is a very useful book and should be on the shelf of all trainees. It is definitely value for money.

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Omar Mulla

Doncaster Royal Infirmary, UK.

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