This newly revised two-volume book is the most comprehensive rhinoplasty book that I have come across for both primary and revision nasal surgery. It is written by recognised pioneers in the field of rhinoplasty surgery and in its third edition covers the basic fundamentals and anatomy as well as the latest refinements and advanced techniques.

It has over 1700 pages and features 14 full length operative videos on DVD as well as the option of an e-book version that can be downloaded onto a smartphone or PC, (I found the accompanying e-book option particularly useful).

It is written for both plastic surgeons and ENT surgeons, and for both trainees and expert surgeons who want a comprehensive reference text. The book includes detailed case analyses to facilitate clinical decision-making thus supplying rhinoplasty surgeons with all the tools needed for achieving consistently good results.

Despite its large size this book is easy to read and the interspersed graphics make reading the text more enjoyable. Gunter’s colour coded diagrams are used throughout the book to illustrate the steps for each case. Each chapter also has highlighted key points for a quick review / summary. For me personally, some of the most interesting chapters are in the ‘Special Topics and Advances’ section, such as correction of a long nose, lengthening of a short nose, autospreader flaps, ageing noses, cleft lip nasal deformity, management of a ‘cocaine nose’, and prevention and management of rhinoplasty complications. There are also four additional chapters on different ethnic noses.

The only criticism is that it is biased to the open approach, however I would still rate the book 5/5 – excellent, for being the most comprehensive rhinoplasty text and a must have for anyone who is serious about getting consistently good results.

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Shahz Ahmed

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, Birmingham, UK.

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