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This book covers a wide range of auditory-related disorders that are primarily aimed at providing information to students but also other healthcare professionals in related fields. The comprehensive information of many auditory disorders is supported with case studies and pictures to help the reader fully understand and appreciate the information provided.

Learning objectives and overviews of each chapter are summarised at the beginning of the book to help the reader appreciate what each chapter will cover and why this is of value to the reader. This is particularly helpful for students who require a brief introduction to a topic and gives them the freedom to explore specific disorders in detail if they desire.

Before delving into the disorders of the auditory system, the authors cover the anatomy and structure of the auditory system, which provides enough depth for students and helps the reader understand the complex auditory disorders mentioned further along the book. Although not all auditory disorders are featured in this book, the authors attempt to include the most common/significant disorders that are relevant, and still provide value to the reader. The authors provided limited detail of disorders that only affect the vestibular system, therefore those seeking information of disorders of the vestibular system only should seek information elsewhere.

This book provides great detail of auditory system disorders that are relevant to student audiologists and other healthcare professionals in training. This book can also be applied to other healthcare disciplines that are interested in auditory-related disorders, as it provides an insight into auditory disorders from perspectives of various other disciplines.

This book is recommended for student audiologists and those interested in learning further about auditory disorders.

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