This book provides a good reference for anyone starting out in the field of balance assessment, and would be a useful book in any balance assessment clinic as a source of information from anatomy to test interpretation.

Anatomy and physiology are presented clearly in a way that relates to testing performed in the clinic. Clearly labelled diagrams step through the physiological responses from a basic level. Peripheral vestibular impairment and the processes of central nervous system compensation are described thoroughly with clear diagrams to explain the processes. There are however a few printing mistakes in diagrams in the version I read (P 31, P47), which I understand are being corrected in subsequent print runs (personal communication with the author).

A section on history taking will help the balance student structure and work through a history to develop an impression of the patient’s condition. There is a chapter dedicated to describing ENG and VNG and eye movement examinations with a description of the pathologies indicated, with a few trace examples to show abnormal results.

BPPV in all its various forms is well described, with details on the anatomy, physiology, testing and treatment being covered and well referenced.

The various parameters used to conduct and interpret the caloric test are clearly described, although I would also advise referring to national up to date protocols for such details.

There are six appendices which include a selection of useful questionnaires and information leaflets for patients.

The book does not describe vestibular evoked myogenic potential testing (VEMP) or video Head Impulse Testing (vHIT) so in that respect the book does not cover all aspects of the modern vestibular assessment laboratory, but overall this is an ideal book for those wanting to learn about vestibular testing or to develop their knowledge through the reference section.

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John E FitzGerald

BSc PhD CS, Head of Audiological Services, Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals, UK.

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