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This is an excellent book to cover the endoscopic approaches to the paranasal sinuses and skull base with a step-by-step anatomic dissection guide. The editors are a group of eminent skull base otolaryngologists and neurosurgeons in Barcelona, Spain, and they managed to involve a large team of contributors from the most eminent centres in the world, including Professor Ricardo Carrau and Amin Kassam.

I started reading this book and, after two chapters, I was hooked. It contains up-to-date information which would be a very useful asset for registrars, and consultants who have a subspecialist interest in endoscopic skull base surgery in both otolaryngology and neurosurgical departments.
It has been recognised that learning the anatomy of the skull base and the intracranial structures from inside the nasal cavity is different from the traditional anatomy dissection. This book has served this task efficiently, starting with the basic anatomy of the lateral nasal wall and the surgical steps of the endoscopic sinus surgery. Then it progresses to the surgical steps of the different skull base approaches, starting with the transcribriform approach to the anterior cranial fossa, intrarobital approach. Then it covers the anteromedial corridor to the Meckel’s cave, transclival approach, and approaches to the pterygopalatine and infratemporal fossa. It also covers combined approaches and the reconstruction techniques.

The text is very informative and concise and contains surgical tips and tricks from the experts in the field. The figures and illustrations are of a very high quality and the comments on them are to the point. I would rate this book as 5/5 and good value for money.

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Mohamed Reda Elbadawey

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