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This book provides a plethora of information relating to aural rehabilitation. The author has taken a multi-faceted approach, combining firm evidence-based perspectives with an evaluation of the scientific foundations of current clinical practises. This book is mainly aimed at those studying audiology and/or speech and language therapy, newly qualified audiologists and professionals linked with audiology such as Teachers of the Deaf. This book can also be used as a refresher for experienced audiologists.

The author has combined previous chapters to provide a shortened and more concise delivery of information, whilst adding three new chapters on auditory training for children, language development, and speech and literacy. She has further elaborated on subjects such as cultural competency, tele-audiology and auditory processing disorder etc.

Nancy Tye-Murray has expertly formulated this book with an easy-to-follow natural flow. Each chapter ends with key chapter points and final remarks which perfectly summarise all the important details. The author cleverly highlights terms and concepts to remember, ensuring the reader has fully grasped all the key details.

This book intelligibly educates the reader using improved graphs, tables and diagrams. Other improvements are the use of clearer illustrations and pictures as well as a change in structure, and updated information with appendices after each chapter. Nancy Tye-Murray writes from an American perspective, especially in chapter one. Although the author has improved upon this compared to previous versions, this information can be lost on other internationally-based clinicians.

This book acts as a fantastic source to develop an understanding of aural rehabilitation and provides up-to-date research and information in an easy-to-understand manner. I am delighted to recommend this book to students and experienced audiologists to assist in their currentclinical practice.

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Feraz Ahmed

Kings Cross Hospital, Dundee, UK.

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