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How does one build a two-storey house? Start with a firm foundation, followed by a strong structure. Only then can the floors and attic be added. Madell and Hewitt provide practitioners with this same blueprint to facilitate optimal outcomes for deaf children and adults in this book.

Using a building framework model, the 321-page textbook invites audiologists, early interventionists, speech and language therapists and Teachers of the Deaf to consider their roles in the construction process. It begins with a chapter on framing, building and strengthening a sound-rich foundation for deaf children through appropriate assessment and well-prescribed technology. Then, a firm structure can be built with caregivers and families, coaching practitioners on the topics of compassion, counselling and cultural humility. The ‘first’ and ‘second floor’ chapters guide the reader through language and literacy development from early infancy into childhood. Finally, a chapter on ‘completing the structure’ discusses additional therapies, music and adult communication.

As a clinician, I appreciated the ‘treasures in the attic’ featured at the back of the book. It contains a wealth of resources from recommended reading to clinical assessment tools, and the QR code allowed me to access a variety of illustrative e-videos which I can carry on my device: very useful for clinical teaching. The case studies throughout the book contextualise the preceding messages, providing practical solutions for patients with complex circumstances.

Overall, the information is easy to access, rich in guidance and has certainly given me food for thought within my own practice. I would recommend the book to all practitioners, from student to senior, who work alongside deaf children and their families.

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Emilee Gosnell

Audiology and Audiovestibular Medicine, St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

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