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This book is an excellent companion for doctors dealing with allergy and rhinological complications of allergy. It contains detailed information of immunological pathways, from cells to systemic effects, of cellular reaction. It is well organised and takes the reader through the basic science into more clinical, advanced allergic and rhinological problems. You won’t feel lost if you are not familiar with cellular immunology.

The chapters are short but very descriptive and the layout is great. It’s easy to read with up-to-date information. The illustrations are very informative and easy to memorise for future backups of your knowledge.

This book, interestingly, has a few chapters on practical immunology, including: how to correctly perform various allergy tests and also prick tests with step-by-steps guides. Possible severe allergological reactions are also discussed and there are a few very clear and informative protocols on anaphylaxis, which might be handy.

This book is of great value and should be recommended to all medical students and physicians who work in the field of allergy, rhinology and respiratory/pulmonary medicine.

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Mansoor Sharifi

Doncaster & Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals, UK.

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