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This textbook, edited and co-authored by ENT surgeons and radiologists, aims to bring to the forefront radiology training for the ENT surgeon, where the editors feel this has been lacking over the years. As the son of a radiologist, I personally was never short of access to the relevant resources. However, to find one resource that has content that is digestible always helps, especially during this digital era where we desire access to information at the click of a button.

Comprising 21 chapters and aimed at the junior workforce predominantly (but I am sure would provide a welcome read for revision by senior colleagues), this covers imaging modalities used in the various subspecialties. For me, it covers the topics in bitesize details, is reader friendly and presents key information, which will be of value for those preparing for the FRCS exam. My personal likes in this text are the use of colour intraoperative photographs alongside the radiology images, using tables to discuss pros and cons, as well as looking at pathologies in the various anatomical subsites and flow charts to describe various pathways. Having some chapters with case-based studies brings home the comparability to our everyday working lives.

Given the above, one thing I feel that could have been different is having a sequence of scans describing, for example, the temporal bone or head and neck anatomy, just like when we are in clinic or theatre scrolling through the images. For this, the reader will need to reference other papers or texts.

Ultimately, a decent book to have on your shelf or in your mobile phone.

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Rishi Srivastava

Department of ENT, Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK.

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