This is a very well-written and much-needed second edition to the original book. The author focuses on the head and neck ultrasonography from an ENT surgeon’s perspective. The text is very reader-friendly. The book focuses on the basic and extended applications of the ultrasound for the head and neck surgeon and radiographer.

There are lots of pearls from the personal experience of the authors. The book is aimed at senior trainee head and neck surgeons who practise ultrasonography, as well as established head and neck surgeons, introducing them to the advanced applications of ultrasound.

This book covers the traditional areas where ultrasound has been used on a routine basis (thyroid, parathyroid, salivary glands) but also introduces head and neck surgeons to transesophageal, endobronchial ultrasound. There is also a chapter on successful use of fine needle aspiration. One of the chapters I found very useful in the current climate of litigation, is documentation of the ultrasound findings by a clinician.

This book is very well-illustrated. There is plenty of text to explain the illustrations. Every book comes with an access code, allowing readers to visit the companion website to review the videos. I have personally found these videos very informative.

In summary, I highly recommend this book and I suggest that every budding head and neck surgeon should have this on his or her desk.

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Asad Qayyum

FRCS(ORL-HNS), FRCS, AFRCS, DLO, Peterborough City Hospital; Programme Director, East of England Deanery, UK.

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