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This is a book of two parts. The first six chapters are not pitched at speech language pathologists (SLP), at least not for those in typical practice in the UK. This section of the book is appropriate to experienced audiologists who are interested in innovative and contemporary clinical procedures, applying scientific foundations to client-based practice.

The first half is a synopsis of wisdom, derived through enquiry and experience, and applied to current technology and clinical practice. The style of writing is very engaging, and succinct, requiring some familiarity and knowledge of audiology protocols.

The first four chapters cover basics of audiology practice with a North American focus on regulation and ethics, which highlights the role of SLP practitioners in the USA. Chapter 5 focuses on hearing aid features, including compression profiles, beam-forming microphones, data logging, movement detection and connectivity options. Each of these features has examples of real-world benefit, reflecting the diversity of client-needs from amplification.

The chapter on Hearing Aid Fitting A to Z has some of the best sections I’ve come across on speech signals, measurement in dBHL/dBA, speech intelligibility index (SII) scores and outcome measures. The validation section considers how best to measure whether the client’s communication goals are being met.

The chapters on cochlear implants, assistive technology and auditory rehabilitation are less evidence-based, have errors in content, and would benefit from incisive editing.

The first half of this book is informative for senior and lead-audiologists to inspire review of audiology practice with a very human touch. Specific chapters and sections could usefully be given to junior/trainee staff members to implement new practice. This is an accessible and aspirational section of the book for the audiology professional.

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Josephine Marriage

Director of Chear Ltd, UK; Martha Mann, Audiology Assistant and Hearing Aid Dispenser, Chear Ltd, UK.

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