The first edition of Hearing in Children by Northern and Downs was published 40 years ago. For many of us, the 1974 edition of this text provided the first comprehensive definition pediatric audiology.

Subsequent editions of this book, with the last (fifth edition) published in 2002, masterfully updated the content and organisation to reflect all major developments in our field. Thus, unlike many texts, Hearing in Children has continued to be a living document that has reflected a broad scholarly understanding of our rapidly evolving profession. The latest sixth edition is no exception to what we have come to expect from these authors. This is best illustrated by the following key points:

  • The impressive number of new references that have been added from the previous edition across all content areas
  • A major expansion on acoustic amplification and cochlear implants for children
  • A substantially updated (and potentially very useful) appendix on hearing disorders in children
  • A new appendix on the identification, diagnosis and management of infants and children who have auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder.

In total, the updates and modifications included in the sixth edition have resulted in an increase of approximately 300 pages of new material. As for all previous editions, the book is written in a very consumable style. This new edition of Hearing in Children should be considered as a primary text for students in audiology and a valuable resource to all professionals who provide hearing health care and habilitative/educational services to children who have hearing loss and their families.

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Richard C Seewald

PhD, National Centre for Audiology, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada.

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