This is a question and answer style book based on 124 clinical images. Divided into four sections, the images are generally of very good quality. It is a handy size to carry around. The authors state it is aimed at nursing and paramedical staff.

I am sure they are correct but it could be well used by ENT specialists in training, primary care doctors and medical students. Even for trainees sitting exams, the images would be good for viva practice.

The ‘answers’ are provided separate to the images at the end of each section. Generally, the text is succinct, accurate and to the point. My only gripe is over the text and it must be appreciated that the text represents the authors’ practice. There are no references to evidence in the text.

Common ENT ‘myths’ may continue to be passed on to primary care with statements suggesting that nasal spurs may cause contact pain and that a feeling of a lump in the throat is most likely to be caused by laryngopharyngeal reflux. Given the lack of evidence base to the answers I would recommend higher ENT trainees question some of the statements over management.

Overall this is a good textbook whose chief use will be as an image based aid for doctors to practise answers to clinical scenarios. It would complement any library used by students and trainees.

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James O’Hara

The Freeman Hospital, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

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