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This book was first published in 2017 in India and PJ Wormald is one of the Associate Editors. It consists of 16 chapters with exceptional surgical photographs, as well as scans of different imaging modalities and illustrations. It is a pleasure to read, not only for the ones who are skull base surgeons and perform advanced rhinological procedures, but also for the trainees who aspire to become rhinologists/skull base surgeons, as well as the generalists in ENT.

From the first to the last chapter one can see the passion the author has for the subject, his meticulous approach, his deep knowledge and his wide experience on the diagnosis and management of juvenille nasopharyngeal angiofibroma (JNA). The surgical photographs show the anatomy in great detail. The demonstrations of surgical excision of JNA, step-by-step according to the staging of the tumour, exceeds every expectation. Prof Janakiram, who produced this exceptional book, is an extremely gifted skull base surgeon as well as teacher and trainer (Heinz Stammberger Award 2020).

Concluding, the only criticism is the paper quality, which is unusually poor for this publisher. As the paper is very thin, it results in shadowing and affects the quality of the photographs.

However, the price is reasonable and one can buy this book on Amazon for £59*. It is great value for money and a really good book to have!


*Price correct at the time of publishing.

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