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This book, published by Thieme, provides a lot of information in a compact size. I enjoyed reading the book as it has an international list of authors and contributors from South America, USA, Europe and Asia which gives it an interesting and varied content.

The book reads as per the title i.e. each section has a case illustration specific to the type and stage of laryngeal cancer being discussed. The case descriptions are fairly well presented, although the quality of the illustrations varies, with some intraoperative photographs not as clear as one would expect. Discussion as to why a particular treatment option was chosen for each case is presented and is a useful part of the book, as it elaborates on the rationale for choosing a particular modality from the possible current treatments for the particular type and stage of laryngeal cancer. Controversies are also discussed, such as trans-oral surgery for laryngeal cancers involving the anterior commissure.

Each chapter has a section on ‘Tips’ which is useful and allows the experienced authors to provide practical information from their personal experience in managing these patients. Management options are well covered from the traditional treatments to more ‘cutting-edge’ therapies such as induction chemotherapy followed by TORS resection for advanced laryngeal cancer. The book does contain quite a lot of TORS treatment information, including description of total laryngectomy using TORS. Non-surgical treatment options are also covered with contributions from oncologists.

Overall, this is a nice book to read, it is well organised and comprehensive for its compact size. It will be useful for both trainees and established head and neck surgeons, and represents fairly good value for money.

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Sanjai Sood

Bradford Teaching Hospital, UK.

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