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This is a detailed, 323-page resource covering laryngeal function and voice disorders, basic science and clinical assessment. Spanning nine chapters, the authors cover the anatomy and physiology of phonation, survey of voice disorders, voice diagnostics, acoustic analysis, aerodynamic analyses, endoscopy and stroboscopy, medical treatment of voice disorders, voice treatment and, finally, voice rehabilitation after laryngeal cancer.

Each chapter follows a similar format; a summary, learning objectives, body of chapter and clinical case questions with detailed answers enabling immediate assessment and application to a clinically relevant scenario.

The survey of voice disorders chapter is succinctly presented, covering functional, organic and idiopathic voice disorders, with each laid out into description, aetiological and clinical characteristics and treatment.

High-resolution images of vocal pathologies and surgery combined with exceptional illustrations and access to the e-book and media content complement the textbook. The latter includes some videos of laryngeal endoscopy and stroboscopy, voice therapy techniques and sound files to appreciate acoustic voice analysis. Furthermore, the summary tables and figures allow for quick review and reference, particularly in the anatomy and physiology, voice rehabilitation after laryngeal cancer chapters with key literature/study summary tables throughout the basic science chapters.

Although certain chapters will be relevant to clinical practice and preparation for the FRCS examination for otolaryngology trainees, in the main this is a specialist text with some areas of assessment and practice unique to the USA. Those most likely to gain maximal benefit from the textbook will be post-CCT laryngology fellows, those undertaking research, and laryngologists and allied health professionals involved with multidisciplinary voice and laryngology clinics.

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Somiah Siddiq

University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust, UK.

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