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This is a very welcome and recently updated book for those wishing to learn about paediatric balance disorders. It has a multidisciplinary authorship and therefore all the specialties involved in the management of a child with balance problems should be able to expand their knowledge in their area, as well as learn from the experienced authors in other specialties.

The 458 pages cover four sections: basic anatomy and physiology mechanisms, clinical assessment, pathologies affecting the balance system, and management. Due to the range of topics being covered, the chapters are generally short and concise.

The basic mechanisms section is very readable and covers both the normally developing systems and vestibular adaptation and compensation mechanisms. The clinical evaluation section has eight chapters, covering topics from bedside testing, vHIT, VEMPS to gait analysis. These chapters cover tips and tricks for successful testing in children. The largest section covers pathologies impacting on the vestibular system. There is a whistle-stop chapter on genetic and metabolic conditions. The chapter on peripheral vestibular disorders also covers the impact of cochlear implantation. There is also an interesting chapter on vestibular dysfunction in concussion, an area of concern for youth sports e.g. rugby. Other chapters include central conditions, migraines, ocular and movement disorders. There was also a short chapter covering some mental health issues and balance-related presentations. The treatment section covers sensory processing, vestibular rehabilitation and environmental adaptations. There are self-assessment questions at the end of each section. There are also 28 helpful videos available on the publisher’s companion website for the book.

This book manages to cover a wide range of topics across the paediatric vestibular field, covering many of the key pertinent issues, in a book small enough to carry. It’s well worth buying.

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Veronica Kennedy

FRCS Ed(Oto) FRCP FRCPCH, Consultant in Audiovestibular Medicine, Paediatric Audiology Service, Bolton NHS Foundation Trust, Halliwell Children’s Centre, Bolton, UK.

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