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This is a comprehensive book which covers both microsurgical and endoscopic techniques. The introductory section focuses on setup for microsurgical and endoscopic techniques, with images to support this. A detailed description of instruments is also provided, which would be extremely useful for those starting a skull base practice.

All aspects of the skull base are covered in detail with anatomical, radiological and intraoperative images. The sections include sphenoid, parasellar, orbital, anterior fossa, cavernous sinus, jugular foramen, foramen magnum and temporal bone pathology. Each section provides the user with a step-by-step approach to skull base pathologies, including extended approaches. The pathology, surgical options, anaesthetic considerations and perioperative aspects are described. These are aided by illustrations or images which are extremely useful in guiding the learner through the procedure. However, the image quality is poor in some sections. The poor quality of images and absence of labels in some sections can take away from the learning. The quality of the images is the same online as in the hard copy. There are small cases for discussion at the end of each section, which is useful for consolidation of learning points. There is also some useful information on postoperative care and management of complications the end of each section.

This book is aimed at otolaryngology and neurosurgical trainees and consultants with a skull base interest, and is appropriate for this audience. The information provided is consistent with current evidence.

Overall, a detailed book describing skull base approaches with anatomical, cadaveric and radiological imaging.

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Isma Iqbal

The Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK.

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