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The On-call in ENT Surgery, as part of the On-call Series, is written explicitly as the “survival guide” for all junior doctors starting out in ENT or as “a tool to aid consolidation of knowledge gathered by more senior ENT Trainees”.

The book is purposefully designed to provide guidance through all aspects of an ENT junior doctor’s expected working responsibility and is successful in achieving its goal. For example, the book is divided into six main sections, dedicating a section each to locations where junior doctors may find themselves (Essentials/Emergency Department/Operating Theatre/The Ward/ The Clinic/Procedures).

The conditions laid out in each section are very clear, concise, up to date, and appropriate for the setting for which the book was written. The book also covers the relevant anatomy, clinical examination and investigations, as well as all the procedures a junior doctor may perform as part of their daily duties.

Ear, nose and throat diseases are very common conditions seen by clinicians in medical practice but are often underrepresented in medical school curricula. As a junior doctor rotating in ENT myself, having read this book, I wished that it could have been published just before I started my rotation as it would go a long way in easing the initial steep learning curve from this rotation.

Overall, On-call in ENT Surgery, is an excellent book for its price and I have no reservations in recommending this to any junior doctor, particularly to those who are about to embark on an ENT training or rotation.

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Z Heng

Department of Otolaryngology, The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust, UK.

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