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When I began my ENT training, the revered ‘Pasha’ textbook was one of the first recommendations given to me by senior colleagues who were in the throes of FRCS revision. This revamped edition serves to improve a book which was already viewed by many as a vital resource when preparing for the FRCS exam.

Aimed at trainees, this textbook covers a variety of key subspecialty topics from laryngology, head and neck surgery, rhinology, otology and paediatrics to important related topics such as sleep medicine, allergy and plastic surgery. Up-to-date information on every topic is delivered in the form of structured concise bullet points proving to be a high yield, easy-to-use resource for trainees. It should be noted that this is very much a reference guide and so, while it covers key points on a wide range of topics, it should be used in conjunction with other texts for greater depth.

Raza Pasha writes in the preface that there has been an effort to include more visual representation of information. There are excellent illustrations to demonstrate key anatomy in addition to good use of tables to summarise fundamental information. The appendices are also very useful, particularly to the more junior trainee. There is an appendix which nicely consolidates TNM staging. The radiology appendix displays relevant labelled scans of good quality which helpfully display both normal anatomy and pathology. The appendix listing ‘common consults’ and where to find the pertinent information in the textbook is perfect for those at the start of their ENT training.

The classic pocketbook form means it can be taken everywhere and will always be readily available. In addition to the text itself, there is access to online questions to test the knowledge from each chapter.

While it is slightly on the dear side, the ‘Pocket Pasha’ remains a worthy investment for any ENT trainee. I certainly treasure my copy which is now safely installed in my bag, readily available for revision on the go or simply to find the answer to any question the day brings.

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Natasha Quraishi

Lincoln County Hospital, UK.

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