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This book is an up-to-date and comprehensive textbook that gives an in-depth understanding and management of all aspects relating to dysphagia. Members of the interdisciplinary team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre, who have an extensive experience in the management of paediatric dysphagia, have authored it.

It is easy to read and lays firmly the foundations for understanding the embryological, physiological and anatomical components contributing to dysphagia. It continues to discuss clinical and instrumental dysphagia assessments in various settings, including neonatal intensive care. The text takes into account the need for a holistic multidisciplinary approach in the diagnosis and management of this complex condition before moving on to cover a wide range of treatment strategies and interventions for children with various categories of dysphagia, taking into consideration current evidence and its role in decision making. It concludes with an overview on the role of ethics in treating children with dysphagia.

This textbook is aimed at all clinicians with a practice consisting of children with dysphagia resulting from a variety of aetiologies (paediatricians, paediatric ENT surgeons, paediatric surgeons and speech and language therapists). It is a useful guide for trainees as well and a great resource for those setting up paediatric dysphagia services within their units. The book is good value for money, and an up-to-date and evidence-based complete guide in the multidisciplinary and holistic management of children with dysphagia.

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Tawakir Kamani

MD, MRCS, DOHNS, MSc, FRCS (ORL-HNS), Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham University Hospital NHS Trust, UK.

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