Not only is Paediatric Sensorineural Hearing Loss extremely informative, it is also exceptionally easy to read due to the clever structuring of sections and chapters. The authors have very cleverly divided the book into sections that almost perfectly follow the course of a child from diagnosis through to management. This allows the more experienced reader to easily navigate the book whilst allowing someone reading the book from cover to cover the ability to improve their knowledge of paediatric hearing loss in a very logical and step-wise manner.

The book has several very useful sections and reference tables/figures for specific areas such as key milestones in hearing, comprehension and speech production, newborn hearing screening and a very useful handful of chapters on the manifestation and management of various causes of hearing loss, both acquired and congenital.

I would thoroughly recommend the book to anyone interested in the field of paediatric audiology, both as a source of reference for clinicians already working in the field, or for students/trainees looking to increase their knowledge of paediatric hearing loss. The book represents excellent value for money as the authors clearly have an invaluable understanding of the field, exemplified by five words at the beginning of chapter 4, which should be the mantra of any paediatric audiologist; “Children are not little adults”. Every department should have a copy!

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Adam Walker

Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Trafford General Hospital, Manchester, UK.

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