There have been many attempts to comprehensively address the topic of ‘Rhinology’, however Georgalas and Fokkens in their new book Rhinology and Skull Base Surgery – From the lab to the operating room: an evidence-based approach, have managed to deliver a comprehensive and well structured tome.

It is not only an excellent reference book but is an essential exam preparation book, with chapters covering both medical and surgical (endoscopic and open) aspects of rhinology, starting from the basic science and physiology of the nasal cavity and progressing through to sinusitis, immunology, allergy and genetics.

Facial trauma and rhinoplasty are also covered in the same depth. It is well written and surprisingly easy to read with chapters containing ‘Key points’ and self assessment questions (answers are at the end of the book) to ensure that essential messages are emphasised. A DVD with nearly 80 beautifully edited videos complements the book, which itself contains more than 900 full-colour photographs and 120 drawings.

Structured on evidence-based medicine principles (including the EPOS 2012 and Endoscopic Skull Base Tumors consensus document) it shares the medical and surgical expertise of a truly international team of more than 100 clinicians and scientists from 17 countries.

It is tailored to the curriculum of the British Intercollegiate, FRCS(ORL-HNS), American Board of Otolaryngology, and European Academy exams so is a must buy for all otorhinolaryngology trainees. It deserves a rating of 5/5 and is a book that all practising rhinologists, otolaryngologists, skull base surgeons as well as residents and fellows in otolaryngology will find indispensable for expanding their surgical and medical expertise as well as gaining a full understanding of the basic science framework of their multifaceted specialty.

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Shahz Ahmed

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