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This book was written to enhance knowledge of imaging, diagnosis, and treatment planning in skull base pathologies. It is broadly divided into anterior cranial fossae, nasal cavity, sellar and clival region, and CP angle. It is written in a manner which is easy to read and digest, and contains thousands of images. World-renowned contributors executed their tasks very effectively by sharing their wealth of knowledge and experiences.

This book provides a comprehensive approach to skull base surgery, incorporating anatomical, pathological, and treatment aspects of skull base pathology. All chapters are up to date and provide extremely useful information, particularly the chapters titled: Open and Endoscopic Approaches to the Sinonasal and Skull Base; Neurovascular Procedures for Skull Base Neoplasia; and Post Treatment Appearance Following Skull Base Surgery. Last but not the least, the chapter titled ‘Cross Sectional CT MRI Atlas of the Skull Base’ will be useful for all aspiring skull base surgeons. Illustrations and high-quality photos add value to this book. The ‘Lateral Skull Base’ chapter is an excellent addition.

This book provides a multidisciplinary approach to skull base surgery. Overall, it is extremely well written, densely illustrated with colour photographs, and exceptionally well put together with interrelated chapters. This book is an ideal reference for all skull base surgeons, providing better understanding of clinical radiology. This book will be useful for radiologists, neurosurgeons, and skull base ENT consultants.

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Jaiganesh Manickavasagam

FRCS (ORL-HNS), Ninewells Hospital & Dundee university/medical school.

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