Symptom Oriented Otolaryngology is a three-volume set covering an extensive range of symptoms in otorhinolaryngology, head and neck surgery. The editorial team of Randal Morton, Zahoor Ahmad and Malcolm Giles from New Zealand, have been supported by an illustrious team of sub editors from all across the globe.

Volume 1 (400 pages) edited by Patrick Bradley and Kenneth MacKenzie is divided into two sections, covering head and neck (31 chapters), and laryngology (19 chapters). It begins with the clinical anatomy, followed by chapters on presenting symptoms, causes, investigations and management. Volume 2 (437 pages) on rhinology and facial plastics, edited by Salil Nair and Sandeep Uppal, is divided into two sections, covering rhinology (19 chapters) and facial plastics (21 chapters).

The symptomatic approach has covered important clinical issues in rhinology such as rhinorrhoea, nasal obstruction, post nasal drip, facial pain, allergy and olfactory disorders. Aesthetic and functional aspects of rhinology has also been comprehensively covered. The facial plastic chapters includes surgical anatomy, assessment of patients and surgical, as well as non-surgical, techniques in their management. Volume 3 (432 pages) on otology and paediatrics, edited by Alan Cheng, Patrick Dawes and Michael Rutter, is divided into two sections, covering otology (22 chapters) and paediatrics (14 chapters). There are detailed chapters on the anatomy, physiology, examination and investigations of the auditory and vestibular systems.

The paediatric section covers a very wide spectrum of common presentations truly reflecting the title of this publication. With over 1200 pages and hundreds of colour images and illustrations, this is a very useful book which is recommended to ENT residents and surgeons to buy. Very good value for the price – around £284 for the three-volume hard cover set.

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