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Anyone interested in nasal aesthetic, reconstruction and function will find this an essential read, but also an excellent surgical manual. As the title states, it is dedicated to unravelling the complexity of tip surgery, one of the challenging aspects of rhinoplasty, but not in isolation as it also holistically reviews the whole concept of rhinoplasty - open approach.

The book is well structured with 20 chapters, ranging from clinical assessment, ethics, and recognition of pathology to surgical management options, providing a stepwise method of learning but with clear indexing, allowing the more experienced learner to dip into specific tip challenges and treatment options. The case series chapter is a great resource to consolidate and reflect on the knowledge gained and also a great tool for those sitting exams in facial plastic surgery.

There is a number of stand-out features. The clarity of terminology, which can be challenging in rhinoplasty and tip work when it comes to the range of grafts and suture techniques, is explained well.

The learning objectives, key points and thought process sections are well placed and are hallmarks of a teacher/trainer who understands his reader. These pearls of wisdom features help structure learning and understanding of why a certain technique is chosen and is based on the author’s surgical experience of more than 1700 rhinoplasty cases over a 23-year period.

The joy for any budding rhinoplasty surgeon must be the surgical algorithms chapter which is unique. This allows processing of the knowledge into clear operative schemes when faced with specific nasal anatomy.

The wealth of knowledge packed into this handy-sized book is impressive and makes it a portable manual for all your rhinoplasty cases. I recommend buying this book for the sheer joy that there is no other book like it and give it a 4/5 rating. Though the price may seem high, it is definitely an investment.

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Sadie Khwaja

Manchester University Foundation Trust, UK.

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