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The Atlas of Cavityless Cholesteatoma Surgery draws upon four decades of the authors’ experiences, based in the Jindal Institute in North India. Their aim is to showcase the inside out technique with obliteration of created mastoid cavities; and for the patient to have a self-cleaning ear without the need for second look procedures.

Comprising two volumes, it starts with the history and theory of mastoid surgery and cholesteatoma respectively; followed by sections on radiological imaging and surgical anatomy of the temporal bone, the latter of which is shown by temporal bone dissection.

Their common steps in mastoid surgery are shown; and then subsequent chapters show their cases in the surgical management of what we could call routine and complex cases. The former includes retraction pockets, attic cholesteatoma, canal wall down and reconstruction, along with the outside in technique when appropriate. Complex cases include management of facial nerve palsy (disease and iatrogenic in origin), labyrinthine fistulae, to intracranial complications and skull base osteomyelitis.

It is aimed at registrars and consultants worldwide and I believe this is an excellent book to have on the otologist’s shelf! As someone who is a visual learner, what struck me was the decent number of cases they presented, along with the vast number of high-quality photographs. Repetition of their photographs showing the initial steps of mastoid surgery helps reinforce the stages for the learner.

Each chapter with case studies generally starts off with a summary and description followed by photographs for each case, showing the procedure from start to finish. In this way, they do not assume the reader will know exactly where the authors are in an operation.

It makes for relaxed reading; and with good supporting schematics, this book in my mind stands out compared with other otology atlases! We cannot beat experience; and reading this book by international colleagues provides this.

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Rishi Srivastava

Department of ENT, Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham, UK.

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