Time and life management is not normally a skill we are taught growing up. As we grow from being a child to an adult, it is inevitable that we become independent managers of our time and schedule. Most who end up in medical school would have managed to develop a degree of organised approach to their studies. But life gets more complicated, and as medical professionals, we all experience great stresses in our working lives which can then also impact our personal lives or vice versa.

This book is written for medical professionals because we need to not just be able to manage our time but to actually be an expert manager. However, being a good manager of our time will not lead us anywhere without having specific goals, and therefore this book also talks about how to define ambitions and manage life. Considering the complexity of the subject, Dr Sabel has managed to put together a succinct handbook on techniques for time and life management. This book is a fairly short read, being only 76-pages long.

The ideas and techniques mentioned in the book are not revelations, they can be found in other self-improvement books. However, Dr Sabel has managed to relate and apply these to day-to-day life as a resident in an informal and occasionally humorous way. He gives practical advice and exercises to practice. Overall, medical students and residents may benefit from this handy guide that would not take more than a couple of hours to read. However, more may consider buying this book if it was priced lower, and closer to other similar self-improvement books in the market.

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Kimberley Lau

MBChB, MRCS, DO-HNS, MSc, Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, South Yorkshire, UK.

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