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This book, as the title suggests, is full of case studies written by health wprofessionals involving patients who are experiencing tinnitus and/or sound sensitivity. There are 29 different case studies spanning both adults and paediatrics (though mainly adults).

Each case study is split into different sections with a history, relevant test results, diagnosis, treatment and outcome so the reader can follow the patient through their journey. As well as this, there is also a series of questions to prompt the reader into further reading or problem solving to come to a conclusion. I felt this was a great addition to the book as it really challenged my critical thinking.

I was pleased to see a section on COVID-19 and tinnitus. In my own practice, I have noticed an anecdotal link in patients with tinnitus following COVID-19 infection. I will be interested to see the result of any future research on this topic and any advice on changes to the routine treatment which may be beneficial in these patients.

One negative of this book is that some of the case studies lacked a little detail and actually left me with more questions than answers due to the unknown details. I do understand, however, that to give the reader all the information may make this book impossibly long. My imagination just had to work a little harder than it’s used to! Overall, I really enjoyed this book, and it has given me various tips and techniques to put into my practice.

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Lisa McEwan

Stirling Community Hospital, UK.

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