The primary authors, all working out of New York, have successfully published this up to date text on vascular lesions of the head and neck. The book provides a review of the pathology, basic science, radiologic features and treatment modalities.

The authors emphasise the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and communication, and the book is aimed at specialists in the different disciplines who deal with vascular lesions of the face, head and neck.

Each chapter is concise and well referenced. The prose is structured and reads well. The authors endeavour to tabulate key information in a logical fashion for quick reference and I feel this is done effectively. Like the majority of Thieme publications the book is aesthetically pleasing and each chapter is well illustrated with relevant pictures and diagrams. To aid quick reference the index is quite comprehensive.

I believe the authors have been successful in meeting the goals of this publication. It has enhanced my knowledge of the field and I will use the book again in the future, particularly for exam preparation. Whilst comprehensive I would also recommend it as a reference text for any health professional involved with vascular lesions of the head and neck.

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Andrew Kelly

Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.

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