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Royal Society of Medicine – the year ahead

Professor Peter Andrews and Professor Manohar Bance look forward to 2022-23.

Royal Society of Medicine Temporal Bone Competition 2019

Report by Elinor Warner, ST6 in ENT On 27 September Royal Society of Medicine and Medtronic temporal bone competition took place. The faculty included Kay Seymour Judith Heaton, and the outgoing Royal Society of Medicine Otology Trainee Representative, Aileen Lambert,...

Royal Society of Medicine Rhinology and Laryngology Section Meetings Programme 2019/20

By Prof Tim Woolford. I have the great honour of being the next President of the Section of Laryngology & Rhinology at the RSM and my colleague, Raj Bhalla, has kindly agreed to be Honorary Secretary. We’ve organised a programme...

Royal Society of Medicine Otology Section Meetings Programme 2019/20

by Chris Aldren I’m delighted to tell you about the exciting Otology Programme I have put together with the help of my Secretary, Ian Bottrill, and the Royal Society Medicine (RSM) committee. I’ve tried to make this a very practical...