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The accidental audiologist

In this article we hear from Muhammed Ayas, an “accidental” audiologist applying his transferable skills as a clinician, academic, and researcher through trying and testing innovative approaches in audiology to better serve the community. My audiology journey began 22 years...

An audiologist abroad

Ever thought of working abroad? In this issue we hear from Caroline Hudson, International Audiologist with special interest in paediatrics and research, who took the leap to work in Canada after qualifying and working in the UK. She will provide...

The preventative audiologist

Rob Shepheard has been championing the role of ‘the preventative audiologist’ for many years. In this article, he explores how that can be achieved.

VACANCY: Band 5 Audiologist, Belfast

The following job opportunity is now available.

The ‘My Hearing Explained’ tool: audiologist and client perceptions

The study notes that the pure tone audiogram has been the primary clinical and counselling tool used by clinicians to assess and describe hearing thresholds to individuals and families since 1922. The Ida Institutes, ‘My Hearing Explained’ tool has become...

VACANCY: Audiologist/Hearing Aid Dispenser – Letchworth

At Specsavers Hearcare in Letchworth we’re looking for an Audiologist/Hearing Aid Dispenser to join our team!

VACANCY: Band 7 Specialist Audiologist, Belfast

The following job opportunity is now available.

Transferable skills in audiology: one audiologist’s journey

Ever wonder about transferable skills in audiological practice? In this issue, we hear about one audiologist’s journey from clinical practice to applying transferable skills gained in audiology to other healthcare sectors. In 1997, as a 16-year-old starting my career in...

VACANCY: Audiologist/Hearing Aid Dispenser – Worcester

We are looking for a qualified Audiologist or Hearing Aid Dispenser to join our growing Hearcare business in Worcester. Our business currently tests patients across our Worcester store and several other Specsavers in the area.

VACANCY: Band 6 Senior Audiologist, Belfast

The following job opportunity is now available.

VACANCY: Audiologist/Hearing Aid Dispenser – Chelmsford

If you are looking for a role where you are able to make a difference to the lives of patients, whilst being cared for, given flexibility and the opportunities to progress as far as you’d like to, then look no further than our well-established clinic in Chelmsford.

Pathways for becoming an audiologist in the USA: Part 2. Academic and licensure requirements today

Part 1 of this topic is available here. Professor Hall reviews current requirements for practising audiology in the USA; audiologists must have a Doctor of Audiology degree from an accredited university programme and a licence in the state where they...