Lidia Best is a leading European advocate and expert, working towards better accessibility and hearing care for hard of hearing people. As President of the EFHOH, she manages EFHOH policy work, forging successful collaborations in Europe to further the interests of hard of hearing people. Lidia’s work includes training workshops on accessibility, policy papers and speaking engagements advocating for inclusion of hard of hearing people in all aspects of society and for better access to quality of hearing care for all.

Latest Contribution

The history of person-centred hearing care

In the World Report on Hearing, launched by the World Health Organization (WHO) on 3 March 2021, the use of person-centred care is highly recommended. In this article, we learn about the history of person-centred healthcare and hearing care. But...

Standards for Safe Listening – how they align and how some differ

The ‘Make Listening Safe workgroup’ is an initiative of The World Health Organization (WHO) in the framework of the World Hearing Forum and is committed to creating a world where nobody’s hearing is put in danger due to unsafe listening....

Hearing care systems in Europe – can we do more?

52 million Europeans experience hearing loss but many don’t find their way to professional hearing care. Lidia Best looks at strategies to improve the uptake of amplification at a national level [1]. With rising numbers of people experiencing hearing loss,...

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