Patthida Maroongroge received her Doctor of Dental Surgery from Chulalongkorn University in Thailand before she moved to the United States to pursue her interest in audiology. She earned her Doctor of Audiology from Missouri State University in 2015. Patthida has had extensive training and experience in diagnostic audiological testing, particularly in the area of vestibular assessment, during her externship at the Mountain Home VA Medical Center and her current position at Chicago Dizziness and Hearing.

Latest Contribution

Thyroid dysfunction and Meniere’s disease: is there a relationship?

The set of symptoms described as Meniere’s disease may have several causative factors. Timothy Hain and Patthida Maroongroge look for a relationship in the literature between Meniere’s disease and hypothyroidism. Meniere’s disease (MD) affects around two in 1000 people and...