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Can obstructive snoring affect the snorer’s ears as well?

Patients with obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) often show severe nasal obstruction, chronic sinusitis and/or a deficit of nasal mucociliary clearance with nasopharyngeal stagnation of secretions possibly predisposing to eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD). This clinical prospective study investigates ETD, nasal resistance...

Is combined two wall decompression approach a better surgical outcome for Grave’s orbitopathy?

This retrospective study looked at the outcome of endoscopic medial wall combined with transcutaneous lateral orbital wall decompression in Graves’ orbitopathy. The following parameters were studied: reduction in proptosis; change in visual acuity and diplopia. A total of 36 orbits...

Which technique is better for turbinate reduction: surgical turbinoplasty or radiofrequency ablation?

Turbinate hypertrophy; radiofrequency; surgical turbinoplasty; visual analogue score