He is the Founder of the Manchester Phonosurgery course. He is interested in voice research and has obtained an MSc in Advance Voice Research at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 2005. He has presented his research and won prizes at national and international conferences. He has authored and co-authored over 30 publications. He is an Honorary Senior Lecturer at both University of Manchester and Edge Hill University and an Honorary Fellow at the Royal Northern College of Music Manchester. Yakubu was the first Secretary of the British Laryngological Association.

Latest Contribution

Andrew Foster and deaf education

This article examines the career of deaf African American, Andrew Foster, and his contribution to deaf education in Sub-Saharan Africa. The history of medicine has often been guilty of attributing great revolutions to a single person (usually a white man)...

Botulinum toxin injection in spasmodic dysphonia

Spasmodic dysphonia is a rare neurological voice disorder, which is often missed by the inexperienced ear. There is no laboratory test or investigation to diagnose this condition therefore, it is best diagnosed by listening to the patient’s voice. Laryngeal endoscopy...

Transnasal oesophagoscopy (TNO) and balloon dilatation under a local anaesthesia

Many of us are becoming more and more familiar with the use of transnasal oesophagoscopy. It has a number of well-described uses in the outpatient setting and is well tolerated by our patients. Yakubu Karagama describes taking this technique a...

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