Continue Nasendoscopy Procedures, safely with the award-winning, single-use SNAP, Endoscope Guide

The SNAP, Endoscope Guide ensures safe passage of a Nasendoscope through a Surgical Mask.

Carleton Announce new KTP laser

Carleton Medical Ltd, a leading supplier of both Co2 and KTP surgical lasers for ENT, has announced the release of a new laser.

New headset audiometer from Interacoustics

Interacoustics is proud to release Luna, a new type 4 audiometer built into a headset.

Sanibel Supply goes Global with EarWays Medical

Sanibel Supply has partnered with EARWAYS Medical for global distribution of EarWay Pro, a safe, efficient, and simple tool for cerumen removal.

Information and support for vestibular professionals and their patients

The Meniere’s Society is the UK’s leading charity for people affected by vestibular conditions.

Soluvos Medical wishes readers a joyful 2021!

The team at Soluvos Medical is hoping that 2021 will bring social life, travels and meetings back to normal and that they can finally meet readers again at one of the scheduled meetings in the first quarter of 2021.

Measure torsional nystagmus with Interacoustics VisualEyes™

Interacoustics’ new VisualEyes™ solution provides clinicians with a comprehensive set of tools to make fast and accurate diagnostic decisions in those suffering from dizziness and balance disorders.

Safe Nasendoscopy Starts with a ‘SNAP’

DTR Ltd are pleased to announce that they are now packaging and distributing the SNAP (Safe Nasendoscopic Assisted Procedure) device developed by endoscope-i.

Reusable Face Visor from Innovia

Innovia Ltd are excited to announce the introduction of the Reusable Innovia Face Visor.

New vestibular solution from Interacoustics

Interacoustics announces the launch of the third generation of VisualEyes™.

MediTop ENT-units

MediTop ENT-units are custom made to the specific requirements of users. These ENT-units are available in several designs and in many colours to match room and hospital design.

Now available in the UK - Firefly DE1250 Wireless USB Camera

Now available in the UK through specialist distributor Minim Healthcare, the excellent Firefly DE1250 Wireless USB Camera.