RAYOVAC® launches next generation Active Core Plus™ technology

Customers are now benefiting from RAYOVAC®’s latest Active Core Plus™ technology, which was unveiled to the European market at this year’s EUHA.

New Earigator™ Cerumen Management System

Earigator™ is an advanced cerumen management system designed by an Otologist. It combines the functions of an otoscope and irrigation system into one device, providing the most advanced means of cerumen control.

Interacoustics launches Lyra, a new dedicated OAE device

Interacoustics has just announced the release of Lyra, a new PC-based and dedicated product for clinical OAE that provides fast and reliable DPOAE and TEOAE measurements.

Introducing all new Active Core Plus™ technology in RAYOVAC® hearing aid batteries

Introducing all new Active Core Plus™ technology in RAYOVAC® hearing aid batteries. As hearing aid devices continue to evolve, RAYOVAC© has progressed their hearing aid battery technology to meet the ever-changing market demands.

Laser Cholesteatoma Course – 9th Functional Cholesteatoma Surgery Course, 19-20 November 2019

This hands-on surgical training course is designed to provide delegates who have experience of cholesteatoma surgery to enhance their surgery with a fibre-guided laser. Delegates have the opportunity to undertake surgical dissections...

Otovent back on the Drug Tariff

After a short time away, Otovent auto inflation device is now available again on prescription. Otovent is listed in the Drug Tariff under Autoinflation for a price of £6.69. Otovent is clinically proven to alleviate the...

The next generation in hearing protection is here...

Puretone is excited to be releasing the full DX Series of hearing protection, one of the most advanced hearing protections for shooters in the world.

IAC Acoustics company celebrates 70 years of service

The IAC brand was founded back in 1949 by German engineer Martin Hirschorn who had a dream of reducing the noise associated with modern life. Over the last 70 years, IAC has changed form in many ways, but their vision has always...

More potential with RAYOVAC®

RAYOVAC®, a world leading manufacturer* of hearing aid batteries, has been a trusted partner to the hearing industry for more than 110 years. Dedicated to researching technological advancements, their team of experts works tirelessly to anticipate customer needs, ensuring that Rayovac...

Soluvos Medical: international distributor specialised in high-quality ENT products

Soluvos Medical is an international distributor specialised in high-quality ENT products for laryngology, airway management, otology and rhinology. Its focus is on innovative ENT treatments to reduce pain and recovery time for the patient and improve quality of life.

Introducing the single-use rhinolaryngoscope that can improve workflow

Ambu® aScope™ 4 RhinoLaryngo is a new, single-use flexible endoscope. It can be taken wherever needed in the hospital or clinic. The solution includes the compact, high resolution aView™ monitor, which is intuitive to use and fits easily into...

Award Winning Study: Perceptual and Neural Representation of Consonants in Hearing Impaired Listeners

In 2017, Yaqing Su, a summer intern with Starkey Hearing Technologies studied the perception of spoken consonants by hearing impaired listeners at the Acoustical...