William Demant Foundation Donates DKK 8 Million ($1.2 Million USD) for Humanitarian Aid Inside and Outside Ukraine

The William Demant Foundation has announced plans to donate DKK 8 million ($1.2 million USD) to support humanitarian aid in and outside Ukraine to meet the growing needs of children and families, including those on the move.

New TympStar Pro updates including WideBand tympanometry

Grason-Stadler, a worldwide leader of clinical audiometric systems, is pleased to announce new updates to their leading clinical tympanometer, the GSI TympStar Pro™.

New global alliance brings hearing care to people in 14 developing countries

A global project from MED-EL will provide access to new ear and hearing care services for almost 100,000 people living with undiagnosed and untreated hearing loss in developing and emerging countries around the world.

Soluvos Medical ­­– official partner for COOK OHNS in BeNeLux

Soluvos Medical is proud to be an official partner for COOK OHNS in the BeNeLux region, as of 1 February 2022, for the COOK OHNS product line: Sialendoscopy, Biodesign Otologic repair, Doppler Blood Flow Monitor, Biodesign Dural repair.

saniVENT - sanitizing air-exchanging system from Puma Soundproofing

Puma Soundproofing design, test and manufacture certified soundproof booths for professionals in the medical field.

free Stage 3D desktop scanner

The free Stage 3D desktop scanner was developed in 2019 in Germany for quality conscious audiologists.


Ream Surgical Ltd are delighted to be able to add the NEW MedLED Chrome MC6 (New Sapphire) Portable surgical headlight to its range of products.

Quick & Efficient Procedures with DTR Medical’s Sterile Single-use Audiology Range of Instruments

DTR Medical are able to offer a plethora of effective Single-use Audiology Instruments that assist in the restoration of hearing through a Hearing Aid when the mechanism becomes sclerosed or fused together.

New Procedure to Revolutionise Paediatric Ear Surgery Performed for the First Time using AventaMed Solo + Tympanostomy Tube Device (TTD)

AventaMed DAC, a Cork, Ireland company announced the first use of its Solo+ TTD in a paediatric patient while the patient was awake.

Interacoustics launches IA-AMTAS self-testing option

Interacoustics recently launched the IA-AMTAS automated test feature for patient self-testing in the audiometry module of Affinity Compact.

Rapid, non-invasive and differential diagnosis of laryngopharyngeal reflux

Laryngopharyngeal reflux (LPR) is a significant condition that frequently goes undiagnosed at a primary care level, resulting in patients being unnecessarily referred to secondary care with symptoms such as a sore throat, persistent cough, vocal problems and issues with swallowing.

Neuromod launches Ótologie specialist tinnitus care service

Medical device company, Neuromod Devices Ltd, has launched a specialist tinnitus care service, Ótologie.